+Tuesday, February 06, 2007+
People! Can I get Five Minutes of SANITY in this zoo!?

So, my life has been spinning out of control at a rapid pace for the past two weeks and I am freaking loving it.

I really can't even explain everything that has went on, but suffice to say, I'm in love, I'm engaged (and HAPPY about it....go figure, me, Miss I'm-Never-Getting-Married), I have two incredible me n in my life who give me the strength I need to face everything that comes my way, and I have managed to freaking plow through issues from my past.

It's difficult to explain without writing a freaking novel on the subject, but here's the quick version...

Mark & I met on uRO via a friend of mine. We wound up in the same guild, started talking, became friends, and the next thing we know, we're madly in love. And, well, it's just...a complete nutfest.

It's strange, and it's...it's this incredible feeling of everything being right, like this is exactly what my life was supposed to be. It's absolutely amazing, and I've never been happier in my life.

Aaand if I don't save this now...'cause I'm rebooting my PC, I'll lose it, like I've lost the last 6 entries I've tried to do. So, yes, that's a brief update on my life.

I'll be writing more in a bit.

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